In From Here to There, Carolina Montejo presents, in the short story that forms her book Era: Fragments of an Evolving Landscape, a satellite with artificial intelligence as the basis for a new world. Utilizing the billboard, a photographic print of a landscape constructed by the AI shows a hybrid visual proposition composed of photographs taken by the artist and found on the web. The photograph promotes an impactful and metaphorical vision of humanity’s occupation of the Earth as well as its search for an open and personal space, known in another context as suburbia. This image also inhabits the digital environment with a notable pixelation, a reflection on the construction of distant, almost intangible spaces.

Lana Z. Caplan, Home, 2015 As the sun sets, The Intersection becomes an extra-terrestrial and nocturnal terrain, noted by the positioning of lights directed at the billboard and placed below the rocks. At the third space, the parking lot wall, a projection of Home appears, a video by Lana Z. Caplan that takes on the theme of human expansion toward space, leaving behind issues of sustainability on the Earth. Concurrently, the video reflects on the historical spatial view where we imagine other worlds, gods and existences. Caplan combines scientific image of planets and other stellar bodies with contemporary and recognizable images; a type of video collage. The video is composed of worlds that slowly pass from one side of the projection to the other, leaving us with a peak at our space-bound future.

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