In 1925, the Talmadge Real Estate Office was built at the corner of Van Dyke Avenue and Adams Avenue. The originally location was located at 5496 Adams Avenue. Today, the house that stands on that lot has the address of 4229 Adams Avenue.

Talmadge Park No. 1 was the first part of Talmadge to be developed. O.U. Miracle came from Pasadena and was contracted in 1925 to install the streets and sidewalks where his name can be seen imprinted in the concrete. Roy Lichty persueded his brother, Guy, to take charge of the sales office while he occupied the corporate office at the U.S. Grant Hotel. Later, Guy Lichty’s first house was built a few doors south of the sales office.

In about 1937, this building was moved across Fairmount Canyon when Talmadge Estates was opened. The building was then designated with the new address 4496 Euclid Avenue. It still stands in this location and has been added on to with two rooms by its current owner.

In 2016, the former real estate building became The Intersection.




Photos and documentation courtesy of the San Diego History Center.